Pavlacký & Přikrylová | Future is here

Project title: Tomáš Pavlacký & Veronika Přikrylová: Future is here
Location: Gallery Kvalitář, Prague, Czech Republic
Year: 2014
Client: Kvalitář

The end of the state, the end of democracy, the end of prosperity, or the end of history of art belongs only to one of the highly debated milestones of our time. The review of the concepts of past, present and future is also reflected in art theory, and artists themselves are forced to live and work I the territory with uncertain borders. To put in the words of Tyler Durden, the protagonist of the Fight Club novel: “Nothing is unreal. Everything is far-fetched. Everything is a copy of a copy of a copy.”

The exhibition entitled Future Is Here does not obviously aim at answering these questions. Above all, it offers a media confrontation of views of time and space captivated as physical variables, rather than a conflict of ideological programmes. The comparison, represented through a confrontation of several different media, in particular sculptures, digital projections, sound, and installations, serves to view the human reality through technological tools operating under their own rules, as well as restricting construction limits. In the exhibition, all the four authors (or more precisely two pairs of authors) are confronted on the selection basis as art school students who have applied in an open call.