Milan Salák | The exhibition where it would be a shame not to attend

Project title: The exhibition where it would be a shame not to attend
Location: Gallery Kvalitář, Prague, Czech Republic
Year: 2015
Client: Kvalitář

It is within the understandable interest of an artist to present their work in the best possible exhibition context. Apart from the art gallery’s prestige, another context-creating exhibition circumstance includes the curator’s reputation and the reputation of any potential co-exhibitors. The current exhibition theme is not insignificant for the author. Compared to other contexts mentioned above, as well as to the faith in sense and quality of their own work, the proclaimed content of the exhibition feat is not as important for the exhibiting artist. It is sufficient that the curator resonates with the exhibition theme and the artist trusts them. The curator (just as the artist) believes in the quality of their own work and the exhibition is the curator’s piece of work. The viewer has the possibility to assess the extent to which the trust of the artist and curator in their work was reflected in their capacity to see art…