Brazil | Architecture

Project title: Brazil 1
Location: Shoowroom Kvalitář, Prague, Czech Republic
Year: 2014
Curators: Jana Bernartová & Jan Kratochvil
Client: Studio Kvalitář

The concept authors, Jana Bernartová and Jan Kratochvíl, present an adapted variation of the most famous Brazilian gallery installation of the art prepared by architect Lino Bo Bardi in Museo de arte Sao Paulo, the building which has become one of the icons of Brazilian architecture, while also being a model of an atypical installation solution in the modernist space redefining the well-established exhibition conventions and approaches. Lino Bo Bardi built the museum building with glass walls without the possibility of a classical suspension installation. For this reason, she prepared a system of stands which she used to fill the vast open museum space in a dense grid, thus approaching the presentation of a salon model, rather than the currently dominating tendencies to provide the exhibits with the biggest possible distinctive freedom. Kvalitář, the gallery which is, on the contrary, substantially defined by the historical architectural framework of thick walls and arches, will make use of Lino Bo Bardi’s stands adapted in a metal frame as a reminiscence and celebration of this leading architect. We perceive the framework of her installation system as a direct link to Brazilian modernism.

Brazilian modernist architecture is a concept whose awareness has been well-established in both professional and general public. The iconic realisations of Oscar Niemeyer and its most distinct buildings serve as the most common example to this. Yet how do we approach this visual knowledge or this information? Through media, a virtual data package. At present, it is the dominant position of searching through the optics of Google Search that influences our vision and perception…