Pipedrive | Perspektiv

Project title: Pipedrive offices
Location:  Prague, Czech Republic
Year: 2021
Authors:  Jan Antal, Martin Stára
Photo: Zdeněk Porcal
Concept: Petr Dub
Client: Perspektiv

Pipedrive, whose business is CRM software development for small and medium sized enterprises, is defined by openness and transparency. You can find no strict hierarchy here, and free thinking is reflected in the new workplace concept. Originality and inventiveness associated with the ingenious playfulness of structured materials and colours create a unique space where employees feel comfortable. Ample social areas are interspersed with more intimate and mysterious corners. Not only are the colours bold – apart from green there is the deep yellow around the sauna – but also the wood design. Attention is captured, for example, by the distinct ash veneer. (Studio Perspektiv)