Colony of Freedom | Petr Dub

Project title: Exhibition Baugruppe ist super!
Location: Gallery Kvalitář, Prague, Czech Republic
Year: 2015
Curator: Monika Čejková
Text: Vednula Hnídková
Client: Kvalitář

Colors utilized on and within architecture automatically incite emotion, create an atmosphere. They are unavoidable, impressive, even if we perceive structures as colorless. Every epoch in the dynamic evolution of style the architecture of the 20th century had undergone showed a different relation to the color schemes of buildings and their significance. The “white” functionalism or the “grey” panel social housing can emerge in a direct association. Other less commonly known styles too, however, had an intense affinity for color, which remained one of the basic means of expression architects can work with and one that is easily accessible for the clients to comment on… Read more by Vendula Hnídková here…