Project Title: Day Nursery Malvína
Year: 2021
Location: Česká republika
Author/client: No Architects
Photo: Zdeněk Porcal

“Malvína and Eda are exacting clients. Shaped by their one-year long lives, they can show a smile spread across just a few teeth or burst into tears without compromise. While Malvína prefers doing wild performances on yellow mats, Eda appreciates creating and drawing – he makes abstract art exclusively, which is afterwards curated by his favourite art collector – his daddy. Malvina and Eda are athletes and tourists primarily, thus we prepared an adventurous playing environment where they can climb up to the red rocky nest or disappear for research in the blue cave. A lot of small-scale toys for motor skills development are hidden all around the nursery, prepared to tease their intellectual needs. Malvina and Eda are also bon vivants. Due to the fact that dining is seen as a collective experience, Eda and his closest companions are seated where they desire – right under a nanny’s nose, in the middle of the kitchen counter. His mum cannot offer him this luxury at home. Eating good meals can tire one out so the private bedroom can offer a place for their favourite nap or, regardless of their nannies’ disapproval, can turn into a playground. (No Architects)”