Project title: Bytový komplex Waltrovka v Praze
Year: 2017
Client: Chybík&Krištof Architects
Co-authors: Martin Rudiš (Rudiš-Rudiš architekti), Aleš Lapka (ADR), Matěj Štrba, Šárka Kubínová, Jitka Šťastná, Lenka Musilová, Kryštof Foltýn, Jaroslav Matoušek, Dagmar Sitařová
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Photo: Zdeněk Porcal

The concept of a new residential district predestines Waltrovka to become a high quality residential project with an abundance of public facilities and a great amount of greenery. Moreover, a large new park with an area of 1.7 ha has been created, connecting the nature reserves of Vidoule and Divci hrady, and finishing by the Vltava river. The park itself offers a wide range of greenery, from large grassy areas to tree lined alleys along the roads which complement the proposed living. The large size and diversity of the area is used for various housing options including blocks of flats with five to seven floors, three-storey villa houses and terraced houses.