Project title: Hangar refurbishment
Year: 2018
Location: Czech Republic
Authors: Alena Valová
Clients: KvartýrKvalitář
Photo: Zdeněk Porcal
Concept: Petr Dub/Zdeněk Porcal

The interior of the residential section of a private airplane hangar was created for an enterprising couple who love to view the world from the cockpit of their ultralight plane. The clients  desired a cozy and welcoming interior to enjoy with their friends and guests. We decided to free the layout as much as possible thereby creating a unique view into the hangar hall. The newly designed steel staircase and decorative partition creates a transparent vestibule offering intimicy for the main living space but still allowing a view of the parked planes. The pentagonal bow window typical of the period in which the building was first constructed was smoothened by metal sheet panelling so as to match the curve of the decorative partition.  The selected material scheme supports the industrial character of the building and its neutral color palette is complemented by red elements. (Kvartýr)