Workroom | DEMO

Name of the project: DEMO Works Co. Workroom
Location: Brno, Czech Republic
Year: 2014
Client: DEMO Works Co.

DEMO Works Co. is a manufacturing platform which is based on custom-made development of steel elements for the architecture, interior design and metal processing.

It’s objective is to design and produce a steel product or detail which is unique in its complexity of functionality and aesthetics. Each object requires an individual solution of certain kind – the selection of suitable material, proposal of proper detail or surface finishing; it is all important and at the end eventuates in a real product. Exactly the denomination „product“ issomething which I consider essential. It represents the whole process of creation and construction of an artefact which is no more just a steel semi-finished article but via inherent details specific for author it becomes integrated piece of work.

Area of manufacturing provides me a technology and enables me to gain a broader perspective but also sets certain production limits which don’t need to be overcome. All these are the reasons why I prefer to cooperate with it and why I often use its rules and principles in creation of my „products“.