Project title: Studio Delicode
Year: 2018
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Client: Delicode Architekti
Authors: Václav & Silvie Derner
Photo: Zdeněk Porcal
Concept: Petr Dub/Zdeněk Porcal

“Delicode Studio about Delicode: We do not want to boast, but if the code is anything like a rule that translates to one another, then the code of this project is a perfect thought. We have converted an apartment into our office studio. We have a functional studio and showroom where we can present different types of furniture or styles to inspire our clients. Here the client can engage with the materials we love but others often fear. For example, high black reflective built in cupboards and soft stone in the kitchen. We use both daily and we are constantly in search of the perfect balance.

Elsewhere, we have used glass to bring natural light where it normally would not reach. Fro example – the shower. Plus, the bathroom is not just a bathroom, it would be a little too small. It is combined with a kitchen and a toilet as part of the middle structure. This in its entirety forms an acoustic filter between two working spaces or between the day and night sections of the apartment. Just pull out the double sliding door, and you have … a room … two rooms. Or one word – Delicode.”