Project Title:  ixtyNine
Year: 2022
Location: Česká republika
Author/client: No Architects
Photo: Zdeněk Porcal

“The number sixty-nine is more than a sexually coded reference. It is captured in Vladimír Houdek’ painting, whose design and rough edges are reflected in the kitchen cupboard doors, specially designed heating covers and other parts of the lovely duplex. The shade of the wall coating behind the bookshelves corresponds with a painting by Josef Bolf, and the teardrop-shaped lights reflect the elegant melancholy of this space. It visually connects to a large Waterfall that is painted on a block of flats by Patrik Hábl, which can be seen through the living room window. One cannot escape from artists, but artists are not the main focus here. It is a simple living space for a family who understands art and wants to appreciate and enjoy it. The flat was completely reconstructed and connected with a new set of stairs, illuminated with some sacral lightning.” (No Architects)