Tomáš Slavík (*1993, photographer), the first pictures of muddy cyclists managed to direct him to the study of photography at SPŠG Hellichova and subsequently at UMPRUM.  However, in his second university year his adventurous nature became apparent. He packed 22 cine-films and flew to explore the remaining continents. Although he has not come back to UMPRUM, he still derives from that encounter. At present, he is interested in photography with all the reflections and shadows of glass, architecture and product design. He likes to accept calls to take pictures of a 15-meter bus with one light as muc as he likes to mystify the audience. In the resulting photos, he is most satisfied with the feeling of space, order and purity. In his spare time, he returns to the beginning of the circle – to the muddy wheels. He considers bike packing expeditions in far and near countries to be his mental source. Follow-up outputs such as lectures, books and prints for his free work.