17. 5. 2023 | How to photograph architecture | CAMP

How to photograph (CAMP): https://praha.camp/program/detail/jak-fotit-architekturu-mezi-kritikou-reportazi-a-marketingem

Vendula Tůmová / LINKA founder
Jan Vranovský / architect
Matěj Šišolák / journalist, publicist
Tomáš Pospěch / photographer, art historian
Zdeněk Porcal / photographer (Studio Flusser)
Moderator: Matěj Beránek

“Empty, surgically clean spaces, with no signs of human intervention. This is how architecture is often portrayed in the media today. In the case of commissioned work, the aim is to show that reality copies the architect’s idea as faithfully as possible. A certain counterpoint can be reportage or outright the critical depiction of buildings as they are actually used, with all the unintended consequences. Which of these approaches better captures reality? Is there such a thing as a true representation of architecture in photography? And what role does Instagram and other social networks play?”