1. Flusser is in touch with architecture, art, and product design.
2. Quality is not just a marketing “blah blah blah” but the central principle behind our work.
3. Photography is a dialogue. Our photographs are not cheap and gaudy; they are interpretations with original content.
4. See. Understand. Do not elevate Photoshop above reality – preserve the original spark.
5. We do not begin our sentences by “this cannot be done”, but rather we always ask the question “how can this be done”. Despite that, we are also capable of saying “no”. This way we protect the interests of both the client and the studio.
6. Flusser, as a matter of principle, is always on time.
7. We consider the lowest price guarantee to be the plague of today’s craftsmanship. This is why we treat each job individually.
8. Flusser grows with its clients. We co-operate with most of them repeatedly and over a number of years.
9. We travel with light. We can deliver in a white cube, a stranger’s bedroom, or in a pile of construction mud. Where we cannot stand straight, Flusser’s gadgets come in handy.
10. Vilém Flusser loves the format 2:3. The others we can do with our hands behind our backs.


Studio Flusser was founded at the start of the year 2016 with the conviction that we are on the forefront of the country’s photodocumentation of architecture, art, and design. We perceive the borders between those fields as traditionally interconnected. Our own connection stems from friendship of the founders which has, for over fifteen years, been testing the common interest in interpretation of an image. We do not rely purely on the ability to see and master the craft, but we also strive to cultivate the social space in its broader sense. The monicker Flusser is binding to us in terms of our program. Our clients are our partners, and the present is the time we have borrowed before the images that will come after our influence.


Petr Dub (*1976, executive) graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno in 2012 with a PhD publication called Selected Postconceptual Attitudes in the Contemporary Czech Painting. In his work he focuses mainly on exploration of the capacity of contemporary painting, object, installation, architecture, public space and their mutual overlaps. The author’s final thesis called UNFRAMED was chosen for the European exhibition Start Point and the cycle TRANSFORMERS ranked among the works of the finalists of the international prize – The Sovereign European Art Prize organized by a Royal Foundation in London under the patronage of the auction hall Christie’s. In 2011 Petr Dub was nominated for the Essl Art Award Cee and was selected for Start Up organized by the City Gallery Prague. During his studies he has held a number of academic posts on the faculty and university level. He worked as the project manager of the Faculty of Visual Arts, later on the position of the head of the Department of Marketing and External Relations at the rectorate of Brno University of Technology. From the year 2014 he holds an office of the director of the society called Spolek Skutek.

Zdeněk Porcal (*1983, photographer), devout outdoorsman, according to his own words “the worst mountain climber in the world” and a photography purist practicing Buddhism who, in his fourth year of the arts university, without hesitation gave up his degree for his passion for photography. You can most often meet him standing on a pile of specialized books or catalogues, pedantically stooped over a tripod, or hanging from the ceiling by one hand in the effort to find the best angle, light, or a moment for the ideal photograph. The introductory portfolio of the studio is compiled mainly from the selection of his work from the period between the years 2010 and 2016. He is the main photographer in the studio, the heart of the project and the man responsible for technical equipment of the studio.

The outside workers: We believe in the necessary integrity of quality and this is the reason why we don’t do things that we are not good at! On the other hand, we operate in a specific field which can, from a certain level, be seen from a single viewpoint. That is why we are able to get our clients in touch with exceptional architects, artists, graphic designers, product designers, or other colleagues somehow connected with our field of work. If you are looking for quality adequate to our work, we will be glad to mediate mutual contact as part of our projects.